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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Apologizing For Doing The Right Thing?

Source: WCAX
MONTPELIER, -- Vermont's top law enforcement official is refuting claims the state is tougher on illegal immigrants than other New England states. He was responding to a Mexican diplomat who this week told a meeting of the Addison County Migrant Workers Coalition that in 2006, 123 Mexican farm workers were detained in Vermont. By contrast, Maine deported 60, Massachusetts 33, Rhode Island 30 and New Hampshire 21. "Vermont compared to other states, it's a tough state," said Deputy Consul Rodrigo Marquez. "Most of the Mexicans who for some reason have to be in contact with the police, they eventually end up deported." Public Safety Commissioner Kerry Sleeper said that characterization was inaccurate.
You're doing just fine guys, just more faster please!

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