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Friday, February 16, 2007

Venga a Michigan?

Source: columbusdispatch

You have got to be shitting me...
Michigan officials are trying to lure more migrant (read: illegal! -- ed.) farm workers to the state this year, hoping to avoid labor shortages that hurt the agriculture industry last harvest.

The marketing pitch is "Venga a Michigan", which is Spanish for "Come to Michigan."

The slogan is part of a promotional effort that Michigan's Department of Labor and Economic Growth is using to try to lure potential workers to the state. Department officials last week visited nine sites throughout Texas, targeting areas with large Hispanic populations that also have high unemployment rates.
A comment beneath this article sums up a normal Americans reaction to something this dangerously stupid...
Good, I hope they all go!!! It will save the other states, especially border states, some money. Let Michigan pay for their education, healthcare, etc. They can also be the ones to worry about health risks, traffic congestion, and personal safety of their citizens. The rest of us are sick of it! Buddy
Yep, about sums it up.

Debbie Schussel also reports that as the unformally seceded state of Michigan illegally invites invaders they are also proposing a 2% service tax to help pay for state services. I shit you negative!

H/T Debbie Schussel

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