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Friday, February 16, 2007

Venezuela: Oh Yeah, This Is Going To End Well!

Source: miami herald
Such shortages have sporadically appeared with items from milk to coffee since early 2003, when Chávez began regulating prices for 400 basic products as a way to counter inflation and protect the poor.

Yet inflation has soared to an accumulated 78 percent in the last four years in an economy awash in petrodollars, and food prices have increased particularly swiftly, creating a widening discrepancy between official prices and the true cost of getting goods to market in Venezuela.

''Shortages have increased significantly as well as violations of price controls,'' Central Bank director Domingo Maza Zavala told Unión Radio on Thursday. "The difference between real market prices and controlled prices is very high.''

Authorities on Wednesday raided a warehouse in Caracas and seized seven tons of sugar hoarded by vendors unwilling to market the inventory at the official price.

Major private supermarkets suspended sales of beef earlier this week after one chain was shut down for 48 hours for pricing meat above government-set levels, but an agreement reached with the government on Wednesday night promises to return meat to empty refrigerator shelves.
But wait, it gets better...
CARACAS, Venezuela: President Hugo Chavez threatened Wednesday to nationalize any privately owned supermarkets and food storage facilities caught hoarding inventories or violating price controls imposed on basic goods.

Accusing private companies of hoarding foods such as beef, Chavez warned supermarket owners and distributors that he would nationalize their facilities as soon as they gave him "an excuse" to seize such assets.

"If they remain committed to violating the interests of the people, the constitution, the laws, I'm going to take the food storage units, corner stores, supermarkets and nationalize them," Chavez said during a televised broadcast. "So prepare yourselves!"

Chavez has been intent on nationalizing "strategic" sectors of the economy since winning re-election in December. He's moved quickly to buy out private interests in leading electricity and phone companies since the all-Chavista National Assembly gave him authority to enact sweeping measures by decree and accelerate the country's socialist transformation.
And here' the best part, where will the "poor" people of Venezuela, you know, the people that voted for this clown, where will they swarm?

Why, America of course where they will continue their fully retarded ways by attempting to introduce Socialism here. (Sound of Jake's head banging against an immovable object.)

True change only occurs one way, when you make the pain stick.

And for socialist retards like Hannitized, here...


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