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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Vermont Tough On Illegals? + Meddling Mexican Consuls AND Immigration Canards While U Wait!

Source: burlingtonfreepress

Seems Vermont is really quite mean-spirited and vicious when it comes to illegal immigration...
Vermont toughest on illegal immigrants

MIDDLEBURY -- Vermont has far fewer illegal Mexican immigrants than other New England states, but many more were detained and deported last year than any other state in the region, a Mexican consulate official told a meeting organized by migrant farm worker advocates Tuesday.

"It is very important for you to talk about this," Rodrigo Marquez, deputy counsel for the Mexican consulate in Boston told 125 people who attended the Addison County Migrant Workers Coalition meeting. "If the Mexicans were not helping the farmers, maybe the farms would not be here."

Dairy farmers and state agricultural officials say the Mexican workers are helping to keep the state's dairy industry afloat by taking on the physically demanding farm jobs that most Vermonters no longer want to do.
Wow! How 'helpful' of Senor Marquez to assist his people in breaking American law and custom. Note the immigration canards sprinkled liberally through the piece, they're really quite tasty!

So, how tough is Vermont being on illegals?
Marquez said data gathered by his consulate showed that, in 2006, 123 Mexicans working in Vermont were detained and deported. Maine detained and deported 60; Massachusetts, 33; Rhode Island, 30; and New Hampshire, 21.

Oh, excuse me, Ahhhh-hah-hah-hah-hah!


Are you funnin' me? This delightful criminal is whining and puling about 123 people being deported!

Here is hombre Marquez demanding an end to pesky law enforcement...
Marquez said it did not make sense that Vermont officials were so aggressive about rounding up undocumented Mexican workers compared to other states, and called on Vermonters to urge their political leaders to confront the issue.
Well of course it doesn't make sense to you hombre, you come from a pro-criminal culture. As well as being an all around doofus!

The hilarity continues...
"The Mexicans are here just to work," he said. "If you ask them if they want to go back to their families and friends and tacos, most would say yes. Of course they need a job. That is how life is."
This has been another edition of "Charming Criminals and the countries that employ them!"

Tune in next week when hombre Marquez complains that Mexicans are being shortchanged in the all important "sugar filled ponies" subsidies.

Of course let's take a moment to recall exactly how efficient deportation really isn't.


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