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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Habla Espanol -- Or Else!

Source: Slapstick Politics

This just in from the Slapstick Politics blog...
"I was like oh my gosh, check this out," she told us. "Right there in the middle of the paragraph saying, you must read, write and speak fluently in the Spanish language."

She was frustrated because the position was with her own taxpayer-supported government.

"I kind of felt like an outsider, like I wasn't in America anymore," she said.

Welcome to the new America, where speaking plain old English just doesn't cut it anymore.

The justification?

Adams County director of human resources Jane Vielehr told us the county, which is 30 percent Hispanic, has every reason for the language requirement.

"It's for our customers or clients who's first language is Spanish and who may have trouble speaking English," she said.

The county has no plans to change, and Desirea has no plans to study up.
This is what happens when you allow people to push their way in with no controls. Citizens always lose.

Or, as we like to say around here...Mexitude!

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