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Friday, February 16, 2007

Reconquista? What Reconquista?

Source: Minutemen Project

Raymond Herrera and Robin Hvidston, both members of the Minuteman project attended an "Emergency Immigration Meeting" chaired by none other than noted reconquista Armando Navarro.

We would normally title a post like this: Why not believe them? Take a listen to what out cheerful invaders have to say...
After referring to the Minutemen as racists, Navarro gave opening remarks. He talked about the recent ICE raids. Then the floor was open for comments. "I was astounded by the nonstop hate talk about 'white' people," Hvidston said.

"There was talk of how poorly Latino children are doing in school. White people were blamed. Talk about raids at work sites by ICE. White people were blamed. Talk about not enough Hispanic school teachers. White people were blamed. Talk about imprisonment of Latinos. White people were blamed," Hvidston recounted.

"People stood up and gave testimonials about white people being the cause of poor education, prison sentences, police brutality… They used slang such as 'gavachos' to refer to white people." *snip*

One man named Victor said he had just gotten back from Washington, DC. He said the Mexican congress members, who were recently in Washington, were not treated right. He said the Hispanic Caucus needs to do more for Latinos. Most of all, he said Latinos are disturbed that the new Democratic congress is focusing on Iraq rather than immigration reform and this had better change.

This speaker, name unknown, adocated violence against whites.Navarro is planning a march for March 17th in San Bernardino. He said they will be calling on cities such as L.A. to join them. He said if civil disobedience is needed to stop any future ICE raids, so be it. One man stated that if guns and violence are needed, they should use violence to overwhelm the white people. He encouraged the community to take what they want by overwhelming and overpowering force.
Why not believe them?

But wait folks, that's not all. From this story we learn that Mexico is continuing to expand it's influence in America through the use of texbooks. Denver recently received 30,000 Mexican texts that report such lovely details as that the United States "stole" the southwest from Mexico (the next time somebody 'steals' something from me but pays $10,000,000 dollars? I believe I could handle that.)

What I wanted to focus on in this are the words of America Paredes...
...Mexican American folklorist Americo Paredes has called what we are witnessing as "Greater Mexico" – achieved one textbook at a time. While Americans may fret that Johnny Can't Read, Mexico wants to make sure that Juanito Pueda Leer.
H/T Lonewacko

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