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Friday, February 16, 2007

Illegal Immigration: A Threat?

Source: prnewswire

Truly. when you are able to sit down with an average American and peel away the smiley face happy talk surrounding the illegal invasion facing this country, the majority, into the ninetieth percentile loath it. So these poll results really come as no surprise...
"A recent Harris Poll asked a cross-section of U.S. adults to say how likely they think it is that various possible events would be 'a major threat to the United States in the next five years.' Two of these possible threats are seen as extremely or very likely by over half of the public:"

* 55 percent of all adults think it is extremely or very likely that a large number of illegal immigrants coming into this country would be a threat;
* 52 percent of adults believe that a significant loss of jobs to foreign countries would be an extremely or very likely threat.
The American people aren't stupid, but the lunatic supporters of open borders have done such a tremendous job of obscuring the issue, that fundamentally decent Americans, who really don't want to be racists, and due to the rigid PC regime controlling things these days know that they will pay a high price for even a false accusation of racism, don't know where to turn or how to fight for their country.

What the elites need to fear is the leader who will lead them and teach them to scorn the PC regime.

H/T Stein Report

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