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Monday, February 12, 2007

A Little Help!


Jake hit all the highspots regarding my Theme/Template woes! I'm not an HTML person (yet!), so my main frustrations have been figuring out what language controls those parts of the template I'm modifying that I want to change.

I think the most helpful thing for me would be any suggestions on resources that are specific to stylesheets and WordPress. I've got an idiot's guide that's pretty helpful with html, and I'm going through the help articles on WordPress itself.

Any help advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and I'll post any specific issues I'm still wrestling with in the next day or so.


We are working on improving this blog, step one is moving it over to Wordpress. MJ has been diligently pounding away at the our new site but has hit a couple of programming snags that are driving her buggy.

Here's the new joint.

As you can see MJ has made a bunch of tweaks but the site is still fairly primitive. Now I use Firefox so it doesn't display correctly for me, in IE it appears to be all good. I know some of the issues MJ is having, she would like to remove the nav bars in the header, of course we need to fix the display issues in Firefox and she hasn't even touched the sidebars yet. MJ will update this in the AM with anything I missed.

If any of our very smart readers can offer some advice we would be deeply appreciative.


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