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Monday, February 12, 2007

USCIS+Amnesty: Drumming Up Business?


Emilio Gonzalez, director of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services gave a little speech before the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce. He had a lot of very interesting things to say...
''Immigration, as we all know, is the hot-button domestic issue of the day,'' Emilio Gonzalez, director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, told the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce. ``And I'll go one step further and I'll tell you that immigration reform is probably as important as the civil rights movement was back in the '60s.''
Yeah, that was a big seller last year. Please keep slinging that hash, it's a winner with the American people.
Gonzalez said his agency needed to hike fees because, like a business, it needs to cover rising costs and move from paper to electronic files.

''USCIS is run just like any modern-day international corporation,'' he said. ``I operate as the CEO of an international enterprise with 16,000 federal and contract employees working in 260 offices around the world with a $2 billion budget.''

He said the agency was required to ''remain solvent every day'' because -- unlike other federal agencies -- it is not fully taxpayer-funded.

Gonzalez went on to stress that the proposed higher fees were not an attempt to deter legal immigration or the importation of foreign workers.

''In terms of sheer numbers,'' Gonzalez said, ``America is facing one of the largest migration waves in our history. Last fiscal year, USCIS processed more than seven million applications for benefits, and those numbers are expected to increase this year.''

Even more applications will be processed, he added, because ``the passage of comprehensive immigration reform is also on the horizon.''
Here's the bug I want to put in your ear, what he's talking about is increasing the size and budget of his department. This is the wet dream of every governmental weasel on the face of the planet. But here's the problem, whenever government increases in size or capability it never, ever, ever shrinks back to its previous size again.

So if his goal is to increase our capacity to process immigrants both legal and illegal (and yes they will do an amazingly bad job and allow millions of rapists and murderers to become "New Americans," but that's a post for another day.) Once that capacity is created, once they've allegedly increased their ability to bring people into this country in greater numbers than we've ever seen, once they've created a massively enlarged immigrant pipeline...

Do you think they'll ever shut it down? Willingly?

Power ceded is power lost. If the federal government achieves their goal here, and I don't say this lightly, America is finished. We cannot handle the current numbers yet the elite haircuts wish to increase those numbers into realms we've never ventured into before, ever. Do you trust them to remake this country into something you'd care to live in?

And my god! Seven million? Did you know the number was that high? I sure didn't. And he says even without the amnesty the number will be higher, so, 7+million + 10 -20 million? That's a lot of spicy meatballs!

Here's the most frightening section of what Hombre Gonzalez had to say...
After the morning session, Gonzalez explained why he compared immigration reform to the civil rights movement.

''The changes would be almost as dramatic,'' he told The Miami Herald. ``We are talking about how we treat 12 million people that are here, that are in the shadows. We are talking about how we treat legal immigrants. We're talking about how we bring in more people.

``It's so far-reaching and so comprehensive and it's a heavy lift. That's the comparison. It's not something that's just going to be easy. You know, you pass a bill and everybody goes on their way. This is a comprehensive reform that, if enacted, is going to change the complexity of America, change what America looks like. It's going to say a lot about us.''
Change what America looks like? Do you trust Hombre Gonzalez to get that right? How about President Bush? Karl Rove? Because this is precisely what their gunning for, to change this nation in a fundamental way. To import people that not only don't know our customs, but to import people that are hostile to our customs. To import people who see the government as being their boss as opposed to their servant. In short to turn this once great country into just another crappy third world sewer.

How nice for us.

As always I am flabbergasted by these asshats willingness to state for the record their bizarre desires. Note for the record that he isn't obfuscating or denying that the president's plan will change this nation, though the president has been on quoted on the record asserting that his insane immigration policies would have no effect on our country or our culture as this picture so clearly states...

I'll give the last word to Hombre Gonzalez...
This is a comprehensive reform that, if enacted, is going to change the complexity of America, change what America looks like. It's going to say a lot about us.''
What could go wrong?

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