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Friday, February 09, 2007

Russell Crowe Trades In Testicles For...Marching Band?

Source: foxsports

In other Hollywood news (what? You didn't know this was a celebrity blog?) Russell Crowe will be starring in...

Sadly no, in real life the hard drinking brawler has clearly been de-man-ified by his loving wife and gone on record as stating this...

Makes men and boys uncomfortable? Huh? WTF?

To wit...
South Sydney co-owner Russell Crowe last night revealed his club had discarded its cheerleaders this season because they made male fans feel uncomfortable. The Hollywood star also said his wife, Danielle Spencer, supported the club's controversial move. Souths will this season replace cheerleaders with a drumming band during NRL home matches.

"Our focus is to re-establish rugby league and women," Crowe said. "The focus on game day should be a positive experience for the crowd. "We feel they (cheerleaders) made a lot of people uncomfortable. "We examined game day and wanted to contemporise and make the focus football. "We felt we didn't need cheerleaders and would like them replaced by a group of drummers, male and female. "We've talked to a lot of people and everyone sees it as being progressive. "The whole idea of percussion will be exciting for the crowd."

Crowe said his club's game day producer Dein Perry had canvassed the opinions of fans before making the decision to sack the cheer-squad. Asked if other clubs could follow Souths initiative, Crowe said: "When they see how exciting this is, there will be a big call for it. "We found it hard to work out a positive about it. There was a grey area to it. "It makes women uncomfortable and it makes blokes who take their son to the football also uncomfortable. "But we are thankful for the time and effort the girls put in and some of them probably will be disappointed."

Crowe's stance was supported by Spencer, who liked the idea of men and women performing together in the drum band. "She likes the fact that game day entertainment will be multi-sex. She likes that aspect," Crowe said. "The positive response we've got particularly from women like my wife when they heard this was happening makes it a little easier for them to go to the game and simply enjoy the actual sport.
You really don't think of Aussies being great big wankers like this, do ya?

So Russell? Does this make you uncomfortable...

How about this? (I'm sorry if I'm scaring you Russell, but guys, you know those smelly fellows? Actually like this sort of thing.)

As if this wasn't enough cheerleaders also...

Bring great cheer to our troops! Think a "multi-sex" "Progressive" marching band would do a damn thing for the troops? Russell? You selfish bastard.

Ahhh, cheerleaders, is there anything they can't do?

Who the hell are these alleged guys who are uncomfortable watching cheerleaders? I'm thinking they wouldn't fall under the term "blokes," but I could be wrong.

H/T Political correctness watch

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