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Friday, February 09, 2007

Latino Gangs, A Bad Thing?

Source: BBC News
The mayor of the US city of Los Angeles has called for international efforts to deal with gang crime, saying his city was "ground zero" for Latino gangs.

Antonio Villaraigosa told the BBC that many gangs across North and Central America were started from his city.

Regional police chiefs are in LA to discuss fighting the gangs, blamed for a spree of murder, rape and robbery.
Wait just a second mister! I was under the impression that Latinos could only be a net positive, in fact I think we can all agree that groups like The Mexican Mafia, MS-13 among many others fill our country with sugar filled ponies and rainbows.

It's clear to me now. Anthony Villaraigosa is a racist!

H/T Unabashedly Unhyphenated

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