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Friday, February 09, 2007

More on That Thing That Most Definitely Isn't Happening

Source: Dallas News

The United States should stop deporting illegal immigrants and separating families while Congress works on reforming immigration laws, a group of lawmakers from Latin America and several Democratic House members said Thursday.

The foreign delegates from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua, on a two-day visit to Capitol Hill, pledged to work with their U.S. counterparts to fix the immigration system, which they said has led to a "family crisis" in Mexico and a staggering loss of life along the border. They also promised to help improve security, which they said was of paramount importance, especially after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.
OK, quick editorial interjection here: Do you think they somehow managed to keep a straight face when they said border security is of paramount importance 5 1/2 years after 9-11? If our own elected politicians bullshitters are anything to go by, I guess the answer is a resounding yes.

But back to the main event.

What is the goal of these people -- elected to represent the citizens of countries that are not the U.S. -- as they address those elected to represent us? Get out your magnifying glasses and Sherlock Holmes hats here, folks, and dust off your investigative skills, because their purpose is carefully hidden...

Jose Jacques Medina, a member of the Congress in Mexico who led the delegation, said that the immigration crisis is a human problem that begs a human solution and that the U.S., Mexico and other nations should work together to become "one America on one continent."
What does it mean? Wait. Give me a minute here. I'll figure it out.

No! It couldn't be! You don't think it's this, do you?

Get OUT!

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