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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Source: The Spectrum Online

I don't know how I missed this. I posted on the story when it first came out, but I sure don't recall seeing this photo from the event.

On Feb. 2nd the University of Buffalo NAACP held a pizza party, a very special pizza party. It was called the "segregated cafe" and it was to decry the evils of segregation, fifty years ago. That's our modern left, fighting battle they've already won fifty years ago.

Here are a couple of details...
"I think something like this is good to do because we get to experience what it was like in the past," said Clyde Strokes, a sophomore business major who was forced to sit in the minority section. "But I'm still pissed."

Strokes' was referring to the rude treatment and unsightly d├ęcor encountered by those at the minority section, including ripped paper plates on the tables and pepperoni on the floor. Minority students were served half a slice of Franco's pizza and a trickle of soda in plastic cup, while white students were allowed a whole, or even multiple slices of pizza and soda served in champagne glasses.

The whites-only eating section was clean and adorned with tablecloths and balloons, but not even snazzy decorations made this a pleasant experience for the students having to sit there. *snip*

Members of the NAACP acted as servers and even security guards in order to make the experience as authentic as possible. In order to make sure that no non-white students got preferential treatment, many were asked whether or not they were Jewish before being served. If they were, they were directed to the minority line.

"I was surprised," said Niraj Patel, a freshman bio-medical major. "We accidentally went to the wrong line and got sent to the other line."

Some students were even chased to the minority line with derogatory names and some mixed race students were allowed to remain on the whites-only side based on the lightness of their hair.
Remember that bolded bit, it will be relevant after you see the photo...

After viewing this picture the first time I was actually speechless. Then I tried to imagine what would happen if campus conservatives or Republicans had a sign with similarly horrible language. I believe you would need tweezers and a mop to get their dripping remains off the ceiling!

I'm especially astonished to see this after I posted on some "real" racism earlier today. S/

Just marinate in the absolute certitude on that woman's face in the photo. To her, no matter how much progress this country makes in civil rights matters, it will always be Selma in '68.

And ain't that a damn shame!

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