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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Illegal Is Now A Race?

Source: The Desert Sun

As you probably well know one of our pet causes is the conflation between "illegal" and "racist," specifically the conflation between "illegal" and "Hispanic" or "Mexican." Here's a particularly tasty example...

Racial graffiti mar fountains
Several Coachella Valley residents attending an AYSO area tournament on Saturday were met with what appeared to be racially charged messages written in bold black letters on drinking fountains throughout a Palm Springs park.
I'm all atremble to find out what these "racial graffiti" messages had to say...
The words “Illegals must go!” and “No illegals” were visible at four locations at DeMuth Park, where hundreds of young players and their families spent the day.
Oh, that's it? Rather disappointing as "racial" epithets go, no?

Cue the illegal cheerleaders...
AYSO officials said they were not aware of the offensive messages that stirred many Latinos in attendance but notified the city once a complaint was made.

“We do not condone these types of messages,” said Cindy Langley, [Send her mail.]an AYSO area referee administrator. “We encourage all people, whether legal or illegal, to participate in our league.”
One wonders if the AYSO receives any public funds?

Let the unfounded accusations begin (so journalism school these days pretty much teaches students how to look chic while drinking cappucino's, yes?)...
Some speculate that the messages were written for Sunday night’s predominantly Latino adult soccer league, while others believe it was done before the start of the youth tournament.

“When people think of soccer, they associate it with Mexicans,” said Jorge Meza, [Send him mail]a coach from La Quinta, who added that a large proportion of soccer players in AYSO are Latino.
From the "made me laugh" category...
“This is a park where people come to support their kids, to have a good time,” Roberto Mendoza, 30, who came from Cathedral City to see his two daughters play, said in Spanish. “Somebody racist offended people who came here peacefully. Not just Mexicans, but everyone.”

“We are offended. This is the example that is being made?” Obdulia Gonzalez, 40, of La Quinta said in Spanish. “This, at a kids game. What a shame.”
With your forbearance I'm going to post one of the photos showing the horrible racist graffiti. please brace yourself for the unrelenting horror...

My eyes! My eyes!

I just need someone more tolerant (read: retarded) to explain to me how 'illegal' is now a race.

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