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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Unclear On The Concept...

Source: Sun Sentinel

As you read keep repeating "guest workers will definitely return home..."
U.S. officials say Guatemalans no longer qualify for political asylum because their country’s civil war ended in 1996. Due to a massive backlog, the government only last year began notifying applicants that they must leave the country, immigration lawyers say.

Attorneys for the nonprofit group Casa de Cultura de Guatemala in Los Angeles are preparing a lawsuit demanding a halt to pending deportations of Guatemalans who entered the United States before the end of the civil war. The suit, which will seek class-action status, also will ask for legal status for Guatemalans who applied for asylum after 1990 but before that country’s 1996 peace accords. Those who applied in the 1980s are protected under a federal program.

South Florida Guatemalan activists also have mobilized. Members of the Miami-based Coalition of Guatemalan Immigrants in the United States met with representatives of Congress in late January to press for a moratorium on deportations.

‘Just when Congress is about to renew the push for immigration reform, immigration authorities decide to dump all these Guatemalan asylum cases,’ said Marlon Gonzalez, the coalition’s president.
Talk about ungrateful gits! Gee, your welcome guys, keep this up and maybe the next time we'll tell folks in this situation...NO!

H/T immigration watchdog

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