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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Hispanic Superworker?

Source: Denver Post

Professional Hispanic and graduate of Harvard Ruben Navarette chimes in with another extraordinary example of his trademarked inanity...

Of course, employers shouldn’t knowingly hire illegal immigrants, and those who do so should be punished. But, as I’ve come to realize over the years, the fact that employers are hiring illegal immigrants doesn’t necessarily amount to exploitation. And, from what I gather, many employers resent the accusation.

I’ve heard from employers who say that, when they try to hire Americans, all they get are headaches and demands and complaints and demands and attitude and more demands. Once on the job, the employers say, many of these employees don’t want to work; in fact, they spend their energy trying to find creative ways not to work and still get paid. Some quit after only a few weeks on the job - but not before making the employer feel as if they’re doing him a favor instead of the other way around. In some cases, even the low-skilled are demanding high salaries because they value their time as much as the high-skilled workers do.

This might include the workers at a construction firm in Denver that was recently the subject of a report by Tom Brokaw of NBC. In the segment, the owner of the firm complained that some of the American workers he hired for as much as $15 an hour would quit after only a few weeks on the job. What was the problem there? Certainly not the wages.

One employer told me that, when she hired the native-born, she got a barrage of questions: “How much does this job pay? What are the benefits? How much vacation time do I get?” But when she hired immigrants, some of whom may have been illegal, she got only one question: “How much work can you give me?” Now, which one would you rather have working for you? I still don’t condone the hiring of illegal immigrants, but I’m beginning to understand it.

Yes Ruben, the hiring of slaves is ALWAYS easier, it's just that it's also morally repugnant. But I suppose being the inheritor of "third world" genes doesn't prepare one for ethical questions, even if one graduates from Harvard!

Does it strike anyone else as extraordinary that to Mr. Navarette Americans asking after a jobs hours and benefits seems outlandish as contrasted with third world slaves who are happy to live at subsistence wages? I really don't know how to break this to Mr. Navarette, yet I feel I must...


Oh, and asshat, musn't forget asshat. Can a professional Hispanic and a graduate of Harvard be an asshat? Well, in Ruben's case I suppose we'll have to make an exception.

***A post posting thought***

Mr. Navarette mentions the $15 dollar an hour rate the owner of the construction company pays? $15 dollars an hour? In construction? Um, as I have at least one step brother in the area that works in construction let me just say, the reason he can't get good employees is that he isn't paying the market wage.

When you offer a good rate you get good employees. Yes, you will have to sift through some but you will find good employees. I always did, so why can't these folks?

Could it be they're addicted to cheap compliant labor?

A restorative to the notion of the Hispanic Superworker...

In our recent post "Cheap Labor?" Landscaper Woo Sung Park was killed because...
A landscaper upset over criticism he wasn't pulling his weight on the job may have used a shovel to beat his boss to death in a quiet gated community here Monday.
Avalos was among a dozen other workers working for Park on Monday when Park told Avalos he was unhappy about the amount of work he was doing.
"Superworker?" Uh-huh. Now here's the kicker to this story, MJ caught this niggling detail...
Workers going back and forth to the back yard said they caught a glimpse of Avalos picking up a shovel and hitting Park over the head, Handfield said. Other workers told detectives they saw Avalos also use a pickax.

"Some saw the beginning, some saw the middle and others saw the end," Handfield said. "I can imagine it was a very frightening situation. It wasn't a fight. It was a murder."
So what did our "ethical superiors" DO when they witnessed their boss, who they referred to as a "nice guy" getting killed? Nothing, that's what. The murder was reported by a neighbor as our "ethical superiors" watched him being killed...
Officers went to the house after a neighbor called police to report someone was down.
"Hispanic Superworker?" "Ethical Superiors?"

I really don't think so.

I know a lot of people reading this blog have probably never managed illegal aliens, I have. If you think I'm suggesting that I think all illegal aliens are lazy or evil, nothing could be further from the truth, but this notion that the hardest working people in the world are people who come here illegally? I didn't see that, and I've managed dozens of illegal aliens.

This notion is a myth used by unscrupulous employers to replace American citizens with illegal alien workers and assauge their rudimentary consciences. Illegal aliens are no better than any other employee, and worse in one specific way, a way highlighted by the murder of Mr. Park. I imagine that the workers on that crew chose not to report the crime as to not be deported. What else will they do or not do to keep from being deported if they're willing to allow a man to die?

That is the reality of illegal immigration. These folks are morally and ethically compromised from the word go, and let's be frank, most of the sending countries aren't exactly bastions of rectitude in the first place.

A post today at the Vdare blog speaks to what we're talking about here and fleshes out another detail I'd like to highlight...
Floyd’s 20 wintertime workers are all men from El Salvador, except for two black women who manage the office. In the summer, he employs twice as many men, all immigrants. *snip*

He hires from a network developed by early immigrants referring relatives and friends. As black workers cycled out, immigrants cycled in. The cycle churned until black workers were effectively locked out. Now, Floyd says, they rarely apply for jobs at Green Forever. A study by the Rand Corp., a think tank, shows that workforce replacement such as Floyd’s full shift from black to Latino is rare. But when the change occurs, it is not often reversed.
When you start hiring illegals, it's not that they are per se better workers, they're not really, but you have switched on the illegal conveyor belt. Your business will actually go through a lot more employees as illegals are more apt to be injured on the job and to quitting unexpectedly, but the upside to the unethical business owner is that there is always another illegal to step in and take over the job. It really is like an illegal conveyor belt with old or injured illegals being tossed out as fresh new ones are brought in to be destroyed and chewed up with no protections as this story details...
It’s grueling labor in the winter; a man can spend the day stabbing a spade into frozen dirt or be asked to shimmy up a tree with a chainsaw in one hand and no netting below.
Of course, when your staff replacement levels are over a 100% a year like in meatpacking these days, it's hard to build an experienced staff that knows what it's doing and is good at the job.

Why do unethical bosses like illegal alien labor? It's easier, cheaper, and frankly, it's disposable.

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