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Monday, February 05, 2007

Agent Ramos Attacked In Prison?

This comes from immigration watchdog via an email...
Received both a call and e-mail from Ramos family members. They want the word out…call all your media contacts, radio talks show hosts, etc….. Ramos was beat up badly by a group of illegals after the “America’s Most Wanted” show aired Saturday. Ramos has a concussion and blood coming out of his ears. This is the ONLY details the family has at this time. The illegals want Ramos & Compean dead!! The word is out.

Please, the family needs your support!!! I don’t care who you like or don’t like in this movement…there should be thousands in the streets of Hollywood this Saturday!!! The entire family will be here in LA…they NEED your support!!!

Ramos family members will be on John & Ken today!! Lou Dobbs has been contacted. Dana Rohrabacher and other congress members are angry and demanding a meeting with Bush!! Call DC!!! They pardon or there is blood on their hands!!

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