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Monday, February 05, 2007

Tom Tancredo 2008?

Steve Sailor has a piece up at Vdare taking a look at the Tom Tancredo run for president...Here.

My favorite bit..."More than any other individual, Rep. Tancredo, who founded the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus back in 1999, has stood athwart history, yelling "Stop." Without this organized opposition in the House, the President and Senate surely would have saddled us with legislation at least as bad as last May's Hagel-Martinez bill."

And remember this number...92%!!

You can make a donation to his

We don't normally talk about donations we make, but we have already donated as much as we could to his campaign.

As we say around here... Run Tom, Run!

From his campaign site...
Political Observers Take Tancredo Seriously

(Jan 18, WASHINGTON, DC) - Important political analysts think that Tom Tancredo's run for the GOP nomination will have a serious impact on the GOP nomination, and that he could potentially win. They also believe the campaign could affect the domestic agenda for the Democratic congress.

Former Bill Clinton advisor and famed political strategist Dick Morris believes "The top four candidates for the Republican nomination can’t win...Rudy Giuliani, John McCain . . . Romney with all of the flip-flops on abortion and Newt Gingrich, who I don’t think gets into it.” Morris listed Tancredo among the canidates he thought could win.

David Yepsen--who is considered an authority on the Iowa caucus-- wrote in the Des Moines Register , "Tancredo could be a serious factor ." Yepsen continued that Tancredo "has the potential to pull the Republican field of candidates to the right, particularly on his signature issue of curbing illegal immigration."

Denver Post columnist Al Knight, thinks that Tancredo will force other canidates to face the problem of illegal immigration:

The fact that Tancredo will be making the political rounds in coming weeks and months will keep the immigration issue very much alive. Other candidates, who might well wish to duck discussions of border security, amnesty and lax enforcement, won't easily be able to dismiss the topic.

Not only will Tancredo impact other Republican candidates, "he could also affect Democratic plans for new immigration legislation."
Voting records...

On The Issues: Moderate Conservative

The NFIB called Tom a "Guardian Of Small Business"

Americans For Tax Reform called him a "Hero Of The Taxpayer."

Beyond immigration issues the big problem facing Tom Tancredo is that he is a by god conservative serving in a slightly right leaning liberal party. That would be the Republican party. He will be demonized for his positions on immigration, but that's not the only reason our feckless leaders hate him, they hate him because he makes them look bad.

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