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Monday, February 05, 2007

"Jobs Americans Won't Do?"

Source: wapo
"When immigrants compete for jobs, black workers are more vulnerable, say economists who point out that blacks are still disproportionately employed in low-skilled jobs. That vulnerability has been felt recently in the District's working-class Brentwood community, where the presence of a large day-labor site in the Home Depot parking lot has alarmed some black residents, who say they worry that illegal immigrants are taking jobs from others," the Washington Post reports in a profile of one lawn-care company that is mainly immigrant workers. "Vernon Briggs, a professor of industrial and labor relations at Cornell University who favors low immigration rates, said no group has 'been harmed more by immigration than black Americans,' as immigrants often accept lower wages."
An argument that never ceases to floor me is when someone responds to this thusly: But I don't think we should pit different racial groups against one another.

Do you know why that's a fallacious argument? Do you see it? Cuz they don't.

It's not about competing ethnicities, it's about non-citizens competing unfairly with citizens, and citizens who have some historical claim to poor treatment.

In fact, those hardest hit by illegal immigration? Recent immigrants, especially of the Hispanic variety. How about them apples?

That is all, go about your business!

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