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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Left: All About Free Speech!

Source: Unabashedly Unhyphenated

The University of California Los Angeles rescinded an invitation yesterday issued to Carl Braun, California State Director for The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, to a debate scheduled for this evening with Dr. Yaron Brook of the Ayn Rand Institute regarding border security due to “security risks”. The event which has been planned for months, was sponsored by and the Ayn Rand Institute, was to have taken place this evening on the UCLA campus.

“Apparently the open border advocates will infringe upon our constitutional rights to free speech because they are worried that we will educate college students about the criminal elements that enter our country illegally while they simultaneously threaten the personal security of our members, stated Chris Simcox, founder and President of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. “The UCLA administration should ensure that free speech and honest debate regarding such an important topic is not void from their campus.”

The University Police and Minuteman Leadership were notified Monday morning of threats appearing on an anarchist website. The site was one of several calling for protests stating "Admission is free, so let’s do what they did at Columbia and shut it down! Hate speech is not free speech. No hate speech at UCLA." The postings gave instructions to protestors on how to defeat police efforts to control the mobs
if things got out of control: "Remember UCPD officers gleefully use tazers guns,
so wear heavy clothing with a thick plastic raincoat over it. Also Tazer prongs
are 2 inches long and can be short circuited by an(d) correctly placed insulated metal object or wire mesh. Plan ahead and avoid injury.”

The University Administration cited budgetary reasons for having to pay police overtime but private sources said there was quite a controversy amongst school administrators between those that wanted the event to proceed and those that wanted to do anything to prevent the Minuteman Leader from sharing his views on the topic. Billed as a civil discourse on the rationale of borders, Dr. Brook, a noted
"open borders advocate" and Mr. Braun, a proponent of strong border security
were prepared to conduct a philosophical debate on the subject for the students
and faculty.

Instead, the Students for A Democratic Society (SDS) on campus planned to disrupt the free exchange of ideas. Citing security concerns, Arthur Lechtholz-Zey, Chief Executive Officer of Club Logic, notified Mr. Braun at 6pm Monday evening (Pacific Time) that the event was cancelled. "Arthur was quite distressed at the last minute cancellation by the University Administration" stated Carl Braun California State Director for The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. "We both felt that freedom of speech was once again trumped by anarchists and students threatening to disrupt the event in a Columbia University type protest."

The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC) is a peaceful, law-abiding and citizen-led initiative organized to stand watch at our borders and in our neighborhoods, report illegal activities to the proper authorities, and build border fencing on private lands using private donations. Additionally, MCDC seeks to urge local and federal officials to enforce our immigration laws in order to keep our families and country safe. MCDC conducts border watch operations that assist the activities of the U.S. Border Patrol, reports employers of illegal aliens, and advocates to keeps tax dollars from being used for illegal alien benefits.
You know they do this because they cannot win the war of ideas, so instead they act like retarded four year olds. Whenever I read something like this, I may have mentioned this before, my deliciously evil and wondrously reich wing mind conjures up images of burly construction workers and ax handles.

I don't know why.

The irony of course is that those who currently suppress free speech through violence and intimidation would be horrified to know that I absolutely advocate violence and intimidation in DEFENSE of free speech.

That would be because they are what we in the business call idiots.

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