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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Valley Park Mo: Standing Strong!

Source: stltoday
VALLEY PARK - Aldermen passed Monday night two more ordinances targeting illegal immigrants, even though a judge has blocked enforcement of two previous attempts.

The new ordinances are designed to punish landlords and businesses that hire or rent housing to illegal immigrants. One requires landlords applying for occupancy permits to provide tenants’ names, ages, countries of citizenship and relationships with other tenants. The city would then seek to verify that information before granting occupancy permits.

The other ordinance would deny business licenses and city contracts to businesses that hire illegal immigrants. *snip*

Mayor Jeffery Whitteaker praised the board’s decision, saying mounting litigation costs of about $75,000 to fight the lawsuit have not deterred the city’s efforts to stop illegal immigrants.

“We’re going to hold steadfast and hopefully solve this problem,” Whitteaker said. “We can’t stop now.”
And this is exactly, precisely how the problem will be solved. Small communities, who won't be intimidated by "patriotic groups" like the ACLU, continuing to chip away until we find a way to make this stick.

H/T commonsenseAmerica

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