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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

How Dumb Do You Have To Be...

Source: foxnews

to think this would be a good idea?
EAST WINDSOR, Conn. — Her son is fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan, but one Connecticut mother is waging a war of her own over her right to fly Old Glory on her front lawn.

Teresa Richard’s condo association in this community north of Hartford wants an American flag and a Blue Star Mothers of America flag removed from her front lawn, along with the flagpole upon which they hang.

Richard raised the flags last year to honor her son, Cpl. Tony Donihee, now serving in Afghanistan with the Connecticut National Guard.

“If you want to fly the American flag, you should be able to fly it almost any place, any time,” Warren Wenz, the chairman of the East Windsor Veterans Commission, told “If your son is in the service, what is the problem with flying an American flag and a mother’s flag? I don’t see why that should be a problem with anyone.”

Wenz wrote a letter to the Stoughton Ridge Condominium Association last week on Richard’s behalf.

Last summer, Richard received a letter from the condo manager asking her to “kindly remove” her American flag, that of the Blue Star Mothers of America and the flagpole, or face a fine, according to the Manchester Journal Inquirer.

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