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Thursday, February 08, 2007

I Have A Vagina And I'm Not Afraid To Use It!

Source: CBS5

Richmond California has just added itself to the shameful ranks of other cities that have placed the comfort of illegal aliens over the needs of their citizens by declaring themselves a sanctuary city.

Richmond mayor Gayle McLaughlin puddled up as she remembered the plaintive bird like cries of her favorite people in the whole wide world...
"I really don't believe that any of our residents should be living in a climate of fear and terror like this... People who have no real criminal behavior at all have been unjustly placed under arrest... People just came and spoke from their heart and were so clearly concerned and in a state of fear and wanting to register that something needs to be done... I was totally convinced. There was no doubt in my mind that this was happening."
Is she the mayor, or the town mom? (In fairness this is a testosterone challenged time. I have heard plenty of men who sound just as pitiful)

Put that vagina away Miz McLaughlin and butch up a bit. Your citizens need you.

H/T Lonewacko

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