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Friday, March 09, 2007

100% Preventable?

Source: dailymail

Can't be entirely certain this falls under the rubric of 100% Preventable, however, here's the story...
Four wounded in dramatic Las Vegas knife attack
VIDEO: Las Vegas police have released a dramatic mobile phone video of a knife attack at a Nevada supermarket that left four people wounded.

The alleged attacker was subdued and jailed on attempted murder charges. He has been identified as 39-year-old Jerry Gomez from Arizona, although he has also used the name Justin Gallo and claimed he was from Texas.

North Las Vegas police say the attack - filmed by a witness - appears to have been random

A woman's screams can be heard amid grainy images of a man lunging at a security guard during the Tuesday attack at a 'Food 4 Less' store.

The guard and two clerks then chased and subdued the man in a checkout lane.
Obviously his immigration status was unreported in the story, the thing that tipped me over the edge is that if you listen carefully toward the end of the video the cops and the store clerk (I think) are speaking to him in Spanish.

100% Preventable? It certainly appears that way.
Illegal alien or no I think a commenter at the Daily Mail has it just right "The perpetrator is very fortunate there were no citizens with CCW licenses there. A few rounds of well-placed hollowpoint could have stopped such a rampage in a hurry."
Just so.

H/T Cherie via email

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