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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

But We Didn't Know!

Source: The Stein Report

Is the anguished cry from criminal businesses when they're pinched hiring illegals, but as we see more and more stories like this it seems to put the lie to that contention, don't it?
“The owner and three managers of a New Bedford [Mass.] leather manufacturer that’s won more than $91 million in U.S. military contracts were arrested Tuesday for allegedly hiring illegal immigrants. The company, Michael Bianco Inc., hired illegal aliens as it tried to meet deadlines to supply backpacks and other products to the military, federal officials said in a court filing. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers raided the company Tuesday morning,” the AP reports. “In an affidavit, investigators claimed that owner Francesco Insolia, plant manager Dilia Costa, payroll manager Ana Figueroa and office manager Gloria Melo allowed an undercover officer who told them she was an illegal immigrant to continue working at the plant, and Figueroa advised her how to obtain a fake Social Security card.”
Lot's more of this please.

The Guarddog has this trenchant analysis..."Along with the illegal workers, five company officials were arrested, all Hispanic including the owner. Each is charged with conspiring to encourage or induce illegal aliens to reside in the United States. So it looks like a sleazy operation to bypass American employees all together. Instead they recruited illegal aliens who are desperate for work, will work for less, and be abused on the job to boot. All for a bigger profit. And guess what they manufacture? The company is contracted to make backpacks and ammunition holders for the Pentagon that are used in Iraq. SWEET!!! Let’s see how the open borders fanatics spin this one. GuardDog"

H/T Toni @ Bear Creek Ledger

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