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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Barbara March On Illegal Immigration and Responsibility

Source: dailynews

Shortly after the long awaited sentencing of her son's illegal alien killer, Barbara March, mother of Deputy David March made this statement...
POMONA - Shortly after her son’s killer pleaded guilty Friday to his cold-blooded murder, the mother of sheriff’s Deputy David March denounced the U.S. government’s failure to control the nation’s borders.

“It’s my belief that it’s our government and the activities that are going on at our borders that were the real killers of Dave, allowing illegal immigration, chaos, lawlessness to thrive in our wonderful country,” Barbara March said outside the courtroom.

“And I think our politicians in Washington should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this country to come to a situation where these killers are able to come in and ruin the lives of Americans.

“And it’s happening every day … The real people that were accountable for this crime live in the White House. And I’m really sorry to say that.”
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