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Monday, March 05, 2007

Hispanic Group to Meet with Minutemen

Source: The Arkansas City Traveler

A local Hispanic organization has plans to hold a community forum with a group that promotes reporting illegal immigrants.

Bob Hernandez, co-chairman of The People's Alliance for Latino Advancement, said his group wants to arrange the forum with the Kansas Minuteman Civil Defense Corp., so the two groups can explain their missions, discuss problems and identify immigration solutions. The date of the forum has not been announced.
So what's the scoop? Why are these two organizations planning to get together?
''If you're here legally standing in line to become a citizen, I'm cheering you on,'' said Ed Hayes, founder of the Kansas Minuteman chapter. ''But people who come here from countries all over the world, illegally, from the northern and southern borders, we want them to go home.''

Hernandez said he agrees with the Minuteman group's mission to speak out against illegal immigration.
Let's see what else Hernandez has to say on the matter...
Hernandez, a National Guardsman, said he's against open borders and people who profit from smuggling immigrants. There is no oversight for Mexico's government, which keeps wages low and caters to the rich, he said. So people flee north and send billions of dollars back home.

''We want the U.S. government to quit pandering to Mexico,'' Hernandez said. ''We want Mexico to take care of (its) people.''
No big surprise, but not everyone thinks the two groups getting together is such a good idea.
The Rev. Rene Tario, of the Wichita Hispanic Ministerial Alliance, said he's against the two groups combining efforts to put on the forum.

''PALA is not speaking on behalf of the Hispanic/Latino community,'' he said. ''Regardless of their claims, they (Minuteman) basically want to harass, discriminate and create a hostile environment in the state of Kansas."


Hernandez said he wanted to learn more about the Minuteman group so he could decide for himself if it promoted racism.
Now why in the world would Mr. Hernandez want to check things out and make up his own mind about the Minutemen? The good reverend assures us that, no matter what they might say if given the chance to speak for themselves, the Minutemen are eeeeeeeeee-vil.

Oh, wait. Mr. Hernandez has a brain. And a mind of his own. And the freedom to think for himself.

Because this, Rev. Tario, is still America. And some of us would like to keep it that way.

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