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Monday, March 05, 2007

Paul Weyrich On Vlaams Belang

Source: CNSNews
"The Vlaams Belang also is known as the Flemish Nationalist Party inasmuch as it favors separatism somewhat in the way that Czechoslovakia divided into the Czech Republic and the Republic of Slovakia. Clearly, the Belgian state views that as a threat. In order to defeat the Party in 2000, the government extended the vote to non-citizens, most of whom are Muslim immigrants. The Vlaams Belang still won 24% of the vote. And so in 2004, the Belgian supreme court in Brussels declared the predecessor of the Vlaams Belang, called the Vlaams Blok, to be a 'criminal organization' guilty of racism. Its only crime was success in too many elections on a platform of Flemish nationalism, anti-socialism and against current Belgian immigration policies," writes Paul Weyrich of the Free Congress Foundation. "This is what a coalition of various socialist and liberal parties in Belgium want everyone to believe: that wanting to limit the number of immigrants in a society means one is a racist. If this has a somewhat familiar sound it should. Many of our United States, especially in the West and Southwest, today are overrun with illegal immigrants, mostly from Latin America. Yet anyone calling for true immigration reform or the actual enforcement of laws already on the books frequently is labeled a racist."
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H/T Dan Stein

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