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Monday, March 26, 2007

Dr. Matloff On Greenspan and H1-b's

Source: Vdare
Data is fine, but there is nothing like a good old incriminating statement to shorten the process.

A case in point is Alan Greenspan’s remarkably candid statement, enclosed below, in which he says that we need H-1Bs and F-4 in order to hold down tech salaries.

That’s the real goal folks. All that talk of labor shortages, lack of PhDs, the need for innovation, American eighth grade math test scores, Baby Boomer programmers on the verge of retirement with no replacements in sight, etc. is pure smokescreen. What the employers really want is lower labor costs.

That’s all it’s EVER been. Let me remind you of a similar candid statement by our own governmental National Science Foundation, which back in 1989 pushed Congress to create the H-1B program (which it did the next year) in order to keep PhD salaries down. The NSF remarked that “A growing influx of foreign PhDs into U.S. labor markets will hold down the level of PhD salaries…[The Americans] will select alternative career paths…[as] the effective premium for acquiring a PhD may actually be negative.”
A nation of cellphone salespeople and baristas folks, that's just the globalist way kiddies! So don't fret, don't cause a fuss, just lie back as the global combines strip this nation of jobs and resources it's all for the best!*

Daddy Warbucks sez: How dare you impugn my honor! Yes Jaunita? My new H1-b's are here? Hooray! Put them in the closet would you dear?

*Not your best, or my best, or even the best for America! Just, you know, the best for rich asshats who wish to erase all borders and countries to maximize profits!

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