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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy Drink Alcohol Day! And Slow Posting

We will, believe it or not, be marching with the Chicago and Midwest Minutemen in a "Drink Alcohol Parade" (AKA St. Patty's day parade) so posting will be lightish until later in the day.

I thought you might enjoy seeing this message that just came in from one of the high class folks at Youtube...
uh, hi...i'd love...
TO KICK YOUR FUCKING ASS! BITCH! uglys ass bitch...bastard! fucking racist! must be one of those americans who havent gotten a life...GO GET IT! ...BITCH!
It's from user s00andre but it appears to be a spam or one time account as it's already dead. I'm sure s00andre will feel much better knowing we will be marching in the parade tomorrow, that qualifies a "getting a life," right?

Here's some fun stuff to keep you busy until we return to Freedom Folks central...

Don't forget Digger has been covering the Hazelton trial.

You may want to check in with the gals of Euphoric Reality now and again over the weekend as they are attending the Gathering Of Eagles in DC. I have no idea if they plan to post from the event but a boy can hope, yes?

Laura @ Pursuing Holiness, one of my favorite bloggers by the by, has a great piece up titled: How’s that nonviolence working out for ya?

Constitution Party
? Unixxstar @ Claimheamh says jah!

Non-citizens voting? LomaAlto @ LinknZona says nien to the anschluss!

Slapstick Politics notes that the first big amnesty rallies are planned for the biggest holiday on the Commie calendar, shocker!

As the BFBVB post is still #1 over at RCP I believe that's all the excuse I need to post another patriotic babe*, for entertainment purposes only of course...

*Ogling the patriotic babe will not make you taller, stronger, handsomer or smarter, but she sure is purty, ain't she Clem?

And lest I forget...

Happy Drink Alcohol Day To One And All!

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