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Friday, March 16, 2007

Setting Them Up For Failure?

Source: 13WHAM
(Rochester, N.Y.) – It’s called Black English Vernacular – or more commonly – Ebonics.
In a newsletter to staff, Rochester City School District officials say it is OK for students and teachers to speak Ebonics in class.

The newsletter, Diversity Dialogue, suggests teachers use BEV to communicate with students. It says teachers can:

• “Switch into BEV in specific situations or informal discussion.”

• “Translate common phrases in Standard English into BEV.”

• “Read and retell stories in both BEV and Standard English.”

“We need to embrace the diversity they bring into our schools,” said the district’s Chief of Diversity and Leadership, Michele Hancock.

Hancock and Tyra Webb-Johnson, Director of Coaching and Leadership, wrote the newsletter. They are both former elementary school principals.

“We want (teachers) to have a better understanding of what BEV is so they can incorporate it into their teaching. That way, they’re not alienating the students who are speaking the vernacular and degrading them,” Webb-Johnson said.
Just to state the painfully obvious here: IT'S NOT A LANGUAGE!

As Glib Fortuna sez: Will these kids be able to get good jobs if they speak this “different language,” “BEV” (which is just a euphemism for bad grammar, of course)? How can the kids learn to read or communicate in writing or succeed at university? With garbage like this, a pure product of the Left, taken seriously is it any wonder that black kids still trail other in all measurable areas of achievement? Is it any wonder that inner cities are gulags of hopelessness, crime and poverty? It is obvious where the real racism resides.


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