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Friday, March 16, 2007

Andy Rooney Has Lost His G-D Mind!

Source: cbsnews

Curmudgeon? How about pea-brain? Methinks it's really time for the big hooked cane to swoop out and drag this aging asshat into the oblivion he so richly deserves!

From his schtick last Sunday...
In an attempt to get the soldiers they need, recruiters have reduced the standards for getting into the Army or Navy. *snip*

Are these the people we want representing us? As American soldiers, they're going to give the people they meet around the world the impression that they are what all Americans are like and if they have been taken from the bottom of the barrel, they are not what we're all like. *snip*

In 1942 we were at war with Germany and it wasn't long before drafted college students and high school graduates dominated our military. It changed the United States Army for the better and in two years made it the best fighting force there has ever been. The Army and Navy were no longer made up of losers.
Wow, just wow! If you've taken your blood pressure meds for the day click over and read it all. His denouement? A draft!

H/T Toni @ BCL

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