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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Fifth Annual International Eat An Animal For PETA Day!

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Now here's a protest you can sink your teeth into!
PETA has started yet another offensive ad campaign. This one really reaches bottom—they are using Holocaust terminology, quotes, and pictures to liken the “slaughter” of animals to the slaughter of the Jews by the Nazis.

I’ve already received a letter from a child of Holocaust survivors who is, of course, extraordinarily offended. But here’s the thing: PETA is known for this kind of outrageous publicity stunt—and that’s what it is, an outrageous publicity stunt—and while I am also offended and outraged, there is absolutely nothing we can do that will make PETA change their ad campaign. I’m sure they knew exactly what they were doing, have a plan in mind, and, if they withdraw the campaign, will do it according to their deadlines and their decisions.

So let’s make up our own outrageous publicity stunt. Let’s designate... March 15th, as International Eat an Animal for PETA Day. Everybody set the date on your calendar, and either go out and enjoy a great steak, or cook one at home. Or cook up some chicken or fish or anything else that PETA wouldn’t want you to eat.
Though it was today I suggest we make every day "Eat An Animal For PETA Day!"

If Homer supports it I'm in!

And you have to give the drooling retards PETA this much (Pornstar excluded!), they are at least willing to offset the "dentist's drill' pain of listening to their senseless bleating with naked women...

Because, as every fool knows, a willingness to get nekkid is the ultimate test of being really super serial, dammit!

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