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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Who's To Blame In The Alleged Bianco Balls Up?

Source: Boston Globe

Well according to the Boston Globe this guy...

Taxachewsetts Gov. Deval "Balls Up" Patrick
Patrick himself was told in February that the raid would target the defense contractor... Commissioner Harry Spence of the Massachusetts Department of Social Services was told a raid was coming several days before it occurred. The night before the sweep, Bruce Foucart, the ICE agent in charge of the operation, spoke with Spence to coordinate law enforcement and child protection aspects of the raid.

So, enough with the breast-beating pretense that the Patrick administration was blindsided by the stealth tactics of shadowy federal immigration officials. This is political grandstanding of the most transparent kind.
When even a Democrat governor in Taxachewsetts isn't bringing the love to our minty fresh and frankly delicious illegal invaders you know something has run amok in Taxville!

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