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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

When He's Right He's Right!

Source: Fox News

I'm not the biggest fan of Mr. Bill O'reilly, this is less an indictment of him than the medium of television in general, which is why we don't have one. But I'll say this, when Bill is right, he's really right...
The No Spin truth is that the “compassion crowd” is really the “chaos crowd,” the “new America” crowd.

Let me ask you a direct question. Is it compassionate for New York, a sanctuary city, to allow 17 children to live in a dumpy tenement with five adults? Twenty-two people sharing three small bathrooms and six tiny bedrooms? Is that compassionate?

The building had poor heat, no fire escapes, no sprinklers. Yet social services didn’t visit the dwelling, because the city of New York has a don’t ask policy toward all foreign born residents.

So the next time you hear the compassion crowd bloviate, show them pictures of people dying in the Arizona desert and being buried here in New York.
Just so!

Whatever you do though don't pay any attention to this, or Hannitized might cry and then weepily remind us that polygamists have served bravely in the military and pick our crops and gosh darn it, they're the bestest people in the whole wide world!
Mr. Magassa had two wives, Manthia and Aisse. It is not clear when they arrived in this country, but some of their children were born here. Only two of Mr. Magassa’s seven children with Manthia lived through the fire. But all of his four children with Aisse, who lived a floor apart from Manthia, survived.

Polygamy is common in Mali and throughout West Africa. But it is illegal in the United States, and it can bar immigrants from gaining permanent legal residency or citizenship. Many West Africans are uncomfortable talking about the practice with an outsider, particularly so soon after the tragic fire.

But many West Africans say that Mr. Magassa’s arrangement is a subterranean feature of life here, particularly for older men who can afford it. At a spacious African hair-braiding salon on 125th Street, Aminata Dia, the Senegalese owner, consulted with her husband before talking about the practice to a reporter. She said men traditionally bring the first wife first, but of late many prefer to bring the youngest.

“I wasn’t surprised,” Ms. Dia said. “It’s our religion that allows men to have four wives. But two wives in the same house, it’s not so common — usually they have one wife abroad and one here.”

A fierce argument erupted about whether this was too volatile an issue to talk about with an outsider. “All women suffer from polygamy, but our religion says we should not speak,” said an employee, Aminata Fatou, 29. “One can’t do away with that.”

Countered Ms. Dia: “If every woman shuts her mouth, she is complicit. I’m against polygamy — it’s bad for the woman, the man and the children.”

Then she added a coda: “If you leave your country, you have to come with the good things, not bring the bad things with you.”
Thank you goddess diversity! Thank you!

Ah, the importation of savage customs and practices (those would be specifically Muslim savage practices by the by, that is the religion so assiduously not noted in the article) I can almost smell them making America stronger, one polygamous, Sharia based freak at a time.

H/T Vdare

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