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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

110% Preventable!

Source: desmoinesregister
Police accuse illegal alien of trying to lure 3 girls into van

A man who approached three children and tried to get them into his van on Monday has been arrested. Police charged Jose Hernandez-Yelasquez, 31, of 1600 Oakland Ave., Des Moines, with three counts of enticing children. He was being held in the Polk County Jail on $19,500 bond. Jail records show Hernandez-Yelasquez was arrested in Des Moines three years ago and was held for immigration officials. The children, ages 11, 13 and 14, were in the 400 block of Forest Ave., when the van stopped and a man asked them to "come here." The girls told police they approached cautiously but kept their distance. The man then made lewd comments and when the girls started to walk away he told them he had money.
It's in the air, can you smell it?

That's the smell of our "cheerful invaders" improving this country every time they sexually solicit eleven year olds!

My goodness, and to think I was once worried about illegal immigration? Why, whatever was I thinking?

Damn good thing our president is in South America busy erasing the borders, America just doesn't have enough high quality pedophiles, we better import some quick!

Save us Tom!
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