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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

More On Tick-Like Invaders "Not" Using Social Services!

Source: Orlando Sentinel
Medical clinics that serve the poor in Florida are being overwhelmed by illegal immigrants and other uninsured women needing prenatal services, creating a looming crisis that already has forced at least one health department to close its doors to pregnant patients. *snip*

"We are at our limit; we have to begin to look at how we can just maintain what we have or reduce the number of patients that we see for prenatal care," said [Mark S.] Williams, chief executive officer of Community Health Centers Inc. *snip*

"Almost as soon as we open [a new location], we're fully booked with appointments," said Patricia Nolen, the department's program director for women's health. *snip*

Many are illegal immigrants, who do not qualify for government coverage for the poor through Medicaid...
One wonders how many Americans have died as the United States is forcibly turned into an unfunded health care system for illegal aliens? How many?

As hospitals and emergency rooms close nationwide due to our "cheerful invaders" tick-like ability to gorge themselves on taxpayer supported healthcare they reduce services available to citizens, and when the government is forced by acclamation of its citizens to cut them off, like any good parasite they simply move on to the next willing host and drain it of resources until nothing remains for those who pay for the system.

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