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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Only 6% Of LA County Inmates Screened For Immigration Violations!

One of the standard canards of the lunatic open borders contingent is that "illegal aliens don't commit many crimes." In fact, according to these folks, they are statistically less likely to commit crimes than American citizens. Well, how can we know that if nobody is counting?

As I recently wrote: Governments count beans, it's what they do, so when you find an uncounted bean should that not be a clue that perhaps all is not well in Beantown?

Well, Patterico has found one of these mythical, mysterious "uncounted beans," and what do you know, in one of the most illegal infested parts of the country they are only checking 6% of the inmates for immigration violations, and that represents an increase!

Until our government is willing to count the "uncounted beans" I will continue to assume the reason the "beans" remain uncounted is the government knows the tally will bring home some uncomfortable truths about our "cheerful invaders."

Read Patterico's story here.

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