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Monday, March 12, 2007

Good Stuff From Wizbang!

On the government "failing" illegal immigrants and the Michael Bianco raids...
It’s very painful for me to admit, but Ted Kennedy is right. The system did fail these families.

It failed them when it allowed them to freely cross our border.

It failed them when it allowed them to cross state borders and travel to Massachusetts.

It failed them when it allowed them to apply for jobs at the Michael Bianco Inc. factory with fake documents – or, perhaps, no documents at all.

It failed them when it granted millions in federal contracts to the Michael Bianco Inc. factory without inspecting the plant and making sure it was compliant with the laws.

The first time the system did not fail them was when it finally caught up with them and arrested them, finally bringing them justice.
And on why illegal aliens are more likely to break the law...
Those of us who think the Bush Administration is dead wrong on its immigration policies have said over and over again that those who break our immigration laws to get into this country are more likely to break other laws as well, so this study is no surprise to us. However, Illegal alien amnesty advocates will probably come back with the argument that the large number of illegals in prison is due to the fact that they can’t speak the language, can’t understand the laws, so they are more likely to end up in prison. But much of the crime that the incarcerated illegals committed is violent crime. One does not need to speak English to understand that murder, rape, theft, assault, and burglary are wrong.

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