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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Godwin's Law Violation?

Source: abclocal
Anger In Marin Over Immigration Raids

Mar. 9 - KGO - One San Rafael neighborhood is living in fear after a series of immigration raids earlier this week which resulted in the arrests of dozens of illegal immigrants. School officials are taking extraordinary measures, and today a group is holding a rally to protest the so-called "ice" raids. At San Rafael's Bahia Vista Elementary School, staff members are escorting some children to and from school because their parents are too frightened to leave their homes, fearing immigration officers might return. Juan Rodriguez, Principal: "Right now, I have a school of all these little Anne Franks here that are living in fear of being terrorized by a government that's waged war -- a war of terror in this community."
Godwin's Law definition here.

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