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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Jobs Americans Won't Do?

Source: NashvilleCityPaper

What exactly are we importing these days?
Human trafficking suspected at Madison brothel

Inside they found two “working girls,” as well as a manager and an armed guard.

Police took all four individuals into custody, charging Santos Perez, the manager, with promoting prostitution, Jose Angel Zuleta Garcia, the guard, with promoting prostitution and the illegal use of a firearm, and the two girls, Tomaja Ramirez, 30, and Gregoria Santi-De Dios, 33, with prostitution.

All four individuals are suspected illegal immigrants from Mexico, authorities said. Customs agents have placed federal immigration holds on each of them.

Metro Vice Squad Detective Joe Ladnier said police believe this particular house had been in operation for four-to-six weeks and that the women were seeing between six and 10 clients every day.

Ladnier said the department believes there are at least another 10 similar Mexican brothels located throughout Nashville, but perhaps even more. Snip*

Two women arrested at a Madison home doubling as a brothel appear to have been working as prostitutes voluntarily, Metro police said Thursday.

Investigators have been scrutinizing last week’s raid at 124 Welworth St., because of a federal bust in November that turned up at least two women brought to Nashville from Mexico who were being used as sex slaves. One in that case was an underage girl who told authorities she had been told she would be working at a Nashville restaurant.
So I suppose we can add prostitute and underage sex slaves to lengthy, if fictional list of "jobs Americans won't do?"

H/T Toni @ BCL

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