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Saturday, March 10, 2007

A Taste Of The Stupid: Illegal Alien Cheerleaders Planning New Boycott Of Those Who Already

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A coalition of immigrants’ rights activists, church leaders and community leaders announced plans today for a statewide boycott March 25-April 1 to bring attention to the economic contributions of illegal immigrants.

The boycott of all businesses is part of a campaign to drum up support for pending immigration reform legislation in the U.S. Senate.

"The economic gears of (the United States) depend on the contributions of 12 million undocumented immigrants," said Ignacio Ramirez, member of Immigrant Families of Southwest Denver. "Those gears cannot work without us."

Next week, a 10-member statewide delegation of reform proponents will leave for Washington, D.C. to urge elected representatives to support the proposed bill.
. . .
At the morning news conference at Skyline Park amid downtown high-rise offices, Ramirez pointed to an adjacent glass tower and said, "Your offices are clean, thanks to who? Your gardens are beautiful. Thanks to who? You have dollar menus and Happy Meals. Thanks to who?"

Apparently, before the millions of illegal immigrants arrived, American offices went uncleaned, gardens untended, and meals unprepared. Who brought dollar menus and Happy Meals? Try marketing research. Or the entrepreneurs who own the businesses. Or capitalism in general. Just a thought.

And the recent raids? "Domestic terrorism".

El Presidente
Slapstick Politics
Jake sez: Yeah, boycott businesses, they just hate illegal aliens, no really, they do! :P

Seriously though, are there no MENSA chapters amongst our Southron brethren?

Local MENSA washout asks the penultimate question.

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