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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Chicago Free Ramos and Compean Rally And A Taste Of The Stupid...

We just got back about an hour ago from the Chicago: Free Ramos and Compean Rally. Today we marched to a Bank Of America Branch in downtown Chicago and protested their giving credit cards to illegal aliens and snuck in some "Free Ramos and Compean" time as well...

Ev, whose lovely wife Diane is the head of the Minutemen Midwest.

Rick, head of the Chicago Minutemen

We had somewhere around fifty patriots today!

Free Ramos and Compean! Boo -- Hiss Bank of America!

Average Americans doing the job their government refuses to do

At the same time we were rallying for the agents and against Bank of America's seditious activity the "bad guys" gathered in Federal Plaza to DEMAND amnesty, their term folks, not mine...

I'd ballpark attendance at 4-500, though at least half of the crowd were the usual suspects, socialists, communists, anarchists and general assorted cranks and lunatics.
So are bullfrogs, shall we give them citizenship as well?

Those damn shadows! How can they even see to hold the sign in those deep dark shadows?

A communist front group? You could knock me over with a feather!

Criminal humans? No. Criminal aliens? Si- Si Puede!

Most ironical sight of the day? This truck is for one of the top rated Spanish language radio stations in Chicago -- LA LEY! Or for those who no sprechen ze Spanish? THE LAW! Savor the deep down delicious irony!

Okay, after wandering about through the masses of unwashed hippies, communists, socialists, anarchists, cranks, jack-asses, and all around poltroons we came up with a new joke which MJ will be PhotoShopping over the weekend. Here goes...

Help save poor helpless illegal aliens from the evils of the fascist Bushitler regime...

Deport them!


Have a great weekend!
Jake & MJ

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