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Friday, March 09, 2007


Source: NBC5Chicago

On Tuesday a plastics company in Mishawaka Indiana was raided by immigration authorities. The usual suspects are "ENRAGED!"

It seems, I, I, I'm having a hard time typing I'm so heartbroken by the sheer inhumanity of it all, it turns out the illegal aliens had their, oh god...numbers written on their hands with Magic Marker...
"When we knew about this issue, we immediately reacted and we complained with immigration authorities and homeland security," said Carlos Sada of the Mexican Consulate.

Many feel the conditions on which immigrants are held are inhumane.

"The marking is an insult," said Emma Lozano from Pueblo Sin Fronteras. "They treat these people as if they're numbers and not as human beings. But worse, is that they're being held and given nothing to eat and treated as if they are criminals."
God forbid people in this country illegally should be reminded they are criminals.

And as to the Mexican consul? Tell you what, when they stop acting like a leech hanging off the ass of this country I will magically give a rat's furry patoot what he, or his retarded country thinks!

This is a little funny too, they are "OUTRAGED!!" that these criminals are being treated like, well, criminals, whereas I am outraged that Americans are dying every day at the hands of illegal aliens from Marxico. Some sense of proportion would be nice.

I may have the pleasure of seeing Emma tomorrow, I make this solemn vow: to giggle uproariously if she has the temerity to mention this in my presence.

H/T Marathon Pundit

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