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Monday, March 12, 2007

With A Feather You Could Knock Me Down!

Source: cnsnews
( - People who violate immigration laws are more likely to violate other laws, according to an immigration reform group that said the findings differ from previous studies showing that immigrants to the United States commit fewer crimes.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) said these previous studies - especially one last month by the Immigration Policy Center (IPC) - “are misleading because they lump legal and illegal immigrants together.”

“The use of that [U.S. Census Bureau] data is virtually guaranteed to demonstrate a lower incidence of criminal activity because of the screening process to which legal immigrants and long-term foreign residents are subjected,” Jack Martin, special projects director for FAIR, told Cybercast News Service. *snip*

FAIR said that “deportable aliens nationwide were nearly twice as likely to be incarcerated for crimes as their share of the population.” The group adds that there is “mounting evidence that illegal immigration is directly linked to violent crime in this country.”

“IPC, which is part of the network of advocacy groups lobbying for an illegal alien amnesty, is clearly fudging the facts to advance their political objectives,” charged Dan Stein, president of FAIR.

“Local law enforcement authorities are correct to be concerned about growing populations of illegal residents because, on average, they are more likely to commit crimes,” he said.

“Our failure to control illegal immigration poses a real and documentable risk to the security of the American people,” Stein added. “Innocent Americans are often victims of personal and property crimes committed by illegal aliens.”
Cue Hannitized dropping multiple links in comments describing in great detail how horrible Americans are, but don't you dare question his overweening patriotism!


The irony is just this, and here's the part I cannot understand about Hannitized. As he explains to us in great detail about how our college students vomit on Mexico's beaches, illegal immigrants from a rainbow of nations are raping, and murdering Americans and abusing American children. Folks who are not citizens, who have no right to be here whatsoever and seem to have come to this country illegally for the express purpose of committing these acts, and when questioned about it Hannitized reminds us that we're not perfect?

But don't you dare question his (non-existant) patriotism!

H/T Polipundit

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