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Monday, March 12, 2007


Over the last few election cycles, I have observed, and lived with, the results of Conservative ineffectuality with increasing discomfort and dismay. Now, with the passage of time, and having read joseph farah’s de facto eulogy of the Conservative ‘movement’, I begin to question the sanity of those Americans who continue to describe themselves as Conservatives.

I don’t mean to step on anyone’s toes here, particularly the folks who run this site, but the Conservative movement has been a consistent loser at the hands of the leftists. You name the fight or the issue, from abortion to racial preferences to removing Christianity (but not Islam) from the public sphere, to homosexuality being foisted on grammar school children to welcoming more than 22 million illegal aliens into our country, the Conservatives have not exhibited the will or the courage to mount a significant defense of our nation and our culture.

(A quick digression here; that estimate of 20 million illegal aliens by Bear Stearns, and the bogus estimate of 11 to 12 million foisted upon us by Bush and his Republican and Democratic friends are from 2 years ago. Reason would dictate the Bush numbers to be at least 13 to 15 million and the Bear Stearns number to be over 22 million at this point. Are we supposed to believe the number of illegal aliens has leveled off with the prospect of another amnesty? Don’t think so.)For whatever reason, Conservatives will not fight. They bluster, they issue impressive sounding statements and manifestos, they talk about agendas and they occasionally show up to preach to this or that choir, but they will not fight.

They plan, they forever reorganize and rebuild their “movement”, they offer their services, loyalty and dollars to candidates who promptly ignore them after those same candidates have been elected, and then Conservatives dust themselves off and look for new candidates to slap them around.

I’m sorry, but these guys are tools.

If they can’t fight for themselves and their “movement” why should any of us think they’ll fight for our country and culture?

Of what use is a political ideology to American citizens if it cannot effect any positive changes, cannot stop the seemingly inexorable advance of a destructive (to this nation) leftist agenda, cannot bother themselves with questioning, let alone stopping, the murderous advance of Islam within our country, and will not demand that our sovereignty be defended against a never-ending flood of illegal aliens?

I believe the time has come for Americans to judge who’s for us and who’s against us by what they do, not what they say.

The left has said Americans must acknowledge the worthiness of every culture but our own, and they have brought that reality about. They (and Bush) have said we must accept Islam as a religion of peace and reach out to the jihadis in our communities and schools, and they have brought that reality about. The left (and Bush) insists no human being is illegal and hence, illegal aliens should have the same rights and privileges as American citizens, and they have brought that reality about.

The left says what it means and does what it has to to bring its perverse and degenerate realities into being.

Against this leftist juggernaut, Conservatives talk about Reagan and reorganization?

I’m sorry, that’s not good enough.

We’re losing everything.

We don’t need Conservatives or Republicans anymore.

We need Americans.

Men and women who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty slapping these mongrels away from the table.

We need fighters with a taste for victory rather than ideologues with a predilection for compliance.

Losing our country is not an option.




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