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Monday, February 26, 2007

Jake Revealed!

Hannitized insists that I provide him with my curriculum vitae, he demands to know my bona fides in several areas...
I ask you to tell me what it is you are doing to serve your country? How are you helping fight the GWOT? How are you helping our Federal Government and Department Of Defense prepare to work with our allies and fight our enemies? What experience do you have that makes you aware of the overreaching effects of our actions here at home with those we cooperate with overseas? What? Tell me!
I could answer this question by saying I am a part of the Chicago Minutemen and as such I am working to see this country implement a sane border policy. I could answer that in the running of this blog which I assure you takes a fair amount of time, I am trying in my small way to project a point of view contrary to the "whistling through the graveyard" foolishness of our elites and people like Hannitized.

But my answer is much simpler: I am an American citizen.

I require no more than that to have an opinion on the GWOT. I require no alphabet soup behind my name to give my opinions credence, in fact I question how well we are being served by our current "geniuses?"

Let's look at some of his other points...
The difference between you and I is a distinct one, but not an opposite. The fact of the matter is, you just love your country differently. You seem to love your country and its citizens in the same way a parent lashes out to defend their children. You would lash out in a fashion where its ok to strike those who you feel have wronged you and yours. I love my country in a way where I would rather not lash out and instead teach a more noble lesson. I would rather teach my child how wrong the other person was and not to lash out until they are threatened to the point where they must defend themselves.
Well alright, but, when exactly can we lash out Hannitized? What would be required? 3000 people dead in a Manhattan skyscraper? The endless string of dead Americans at the hands of criminal aliens? What number of rapes would finally be enough? Murders? Pedophiles? Americans killed at the hands of those not even supposed to be here?

As I said in my piece last night, you appear to welcome this, truly I cannot fathom why that would be so. I'm sure you would cry foul at that designation but truly, you are one who says I agree we should stop illegal criminals then undoes any effort to actually do so. I can say this much, part of the problem is we work from different premises, you feel that every person on the planet has the right to come here, I feel that it is a gift when any person is allowed to come here.

So to me when the criminal alien does something heinous they've really committed two wrongs, the first is the obvious outrage, the second is spitting on this country which as far as I can tell doesn't bother you a bit.

Something you may not know is if you were to say there are no reliable figures on the number of crimes committed by illegal and legal immigrants I would agree with you, but I would go on to ask why that would be so? What other activities does our government go to such lengths to hide?

Governments count beans, it's what they do, so when you find an uncounted bean should that not be a clue that perhaps all is not well in Beantown?

As to noble? It may very well be more noble to invite the enemy within your camp Hannitized, but along with noble it may also be stupid. Is it possible that they really aren't coming here merely to work? Neither of us can answer this question definitively, yet obviously I have seen and read things that concern me and cause me to ask the questions I do. If you choose to call that racism, well, it not only undermines your argument it makes me question your sanity.

I was being fundamentally serious when I wrote about the dream I mentioned in the previous post. I fear that people like yourself will continue to attempt to lull Americans with happy smiley multicultural talk, that you believe is true, but can only be tested in the crucible of this country. In other words: what if you're wrong?

What if importing people at a rate we've never attempted before, with people like you standing in the way of any reasonable attempt at assimilation, in fact would call any such attempts "genocide." What if that leads us somewhere very, very bad?

Will you even have the decency to say I'm sorry if that were to happen?

So I ask again Hannitized, what precisely would break through that cool facade and outrage you? Because I would have to say if your not outraged now I believe your capacity to be outraged is frankly lacking. Or, this is a debating ploy and you really don't care how many Americans are sacrificed to the dark gods of globalism?

He continues...
While I understand some are at the point where they feel threatened, I would say its safe to say YOU are not one of them. Therefore, using this very serious problem as an excuse to attack minorities and those of color is a DISGRACEFUL behavior that I have no tolerance for.
Really? How fascinating, have you added mind reading to your lengthy list of achievements. You were aware that both my wife and I have received death threats? Actual ones, not the made up ones our local pro-illegal supporters receive, you know, the ones they can never substantiate? You were aware of this, yes?

You were aware that part of the reason we made our last move was local "peace activists" telling us, and I quote, "they knew where we live?" Surely you knew this?

Am I complaining? No, I am fully aware that criminals never appreciate being called criminals to their face, it is a dangerous pasttime, but how dare you act as an apologist for something you really don't understand?

And if you really think it's about color? Says much more about you, than me.

I would say to you Hanitized that most Americans who are paying attention feel threatened, why? Perhaps because there is a lot of threatening going on. It's really not a mystery. Yet you would seek to 'understand' this behavior, you're welcome to, I seek to remove it from this country.

He continues...
To pretend this isnt a dialogue that is being discussed amongst our politicians and economic analysts is simply delusional.
No Hannitized, the delusion is in thinking there is any substantive debate over this issue whatsoever, truly delusional. For whatever reason a decision has been reached, and that decision can be summed up thusly...

"There shall be open borders."

Or as I wrote in an old piece...
A calculation is being made in Washington that a certain number of gang rapes and murders are acceptable so long as the dollars flow and trade crosses the border.
Do you really think most average Americans support that notion? I mean an actual majority of regular folks? I tend to think not, I live in a big blue city and a majority of people here don't support that position, am I really to believe that as you move into the redder areas of this country it becomes more popular? Sure, sounds feasible.

I end by reiterating my question to you sir, where is your outrage? When precisely may we feel anger at our country being overrun, not by those of different races, but by those who hold allegiances to other countries and by their own admissions care not a whit for this one, those who see this country as a combination ATM and outhouse?

As I said earlier, if you're not outraged now then you are simply incapable of outrage and I find you completely unserious in any way.

You can find excuses for anything, but what you excuse does speak volumes of your character.

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