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Monday, March 12, 2007

Chasing After The Elusive "Savages & Killers" Vote?

Source: Washington Times

New Jersey Democrat Bill Pascrell was nice enough to reserve a capitol meeting room for some honored guests...
A House Democrat has arranged for a conference room in the Capitol building to be used tomorrow by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Muslim advocacy group criticized for its persistent refusal to disavow terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah.

The District-based group also is singled out by other Democratic lawmakers and some law-enforcement officials because of financial ties to terrorists.

Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr., New Jersey Democrat, reserved the basement conference room for CAIR’s panel discussion Tuesday titled “Global Attitudes on Islam-West Relations: U.S. Policy Implications.”

“We just see it as a simple room request,” Pascrell spokesman Caley Gray said. “We did receive a room request and evaluated it and approved it.”

He said the forum “opens up an important dialogue about global public opinion concerning the United States.”
Oddly, I find I don't give a shit what the terrorist sponsoring and supporting CAIR think about the US. I do hope he'll show the some solicitude to NAMBLA, musn't discriminate don'cha know?

(R)'s make a little noise...
WASHINGTON - A House Republican leadership group said Monday that Democrats should retract an offer to let the nation’s largest Islamic civil liberties organization use a Capitol conference room for a seminar.

The House Republican Conference referred to the Council on American-Islamic Relations as “terrorist apologists” and called on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to cancel the forum scheduled for Tuesday.

“Democrats arrange official meeting with pro-Hamas, pro-Hezbollah group in U.S. Capitol,” headlined a Conference press release carrying a Washington Times article on the planned meeting.
While CAIR serves up a little whine...
“It’s really disappointing,” said CAIR national communications director Ibrahim Hooper, that whenever there’s an attack from elective officials “we don’t even ask any more which party it is. It should be a concern to ordinary Republicans that the party is being viewed as a reservoir of anti-Muslim hate.”
Awwww, poor baby, what's a fanatical killer to do when folks stop buying the BS they're shoveling?

Home of the free, land of the P-shopped headchopper scarf!

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