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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

We Need Americans To Stand Up!

This is #3 in the series. dt started the ball rolling yesterday with this. KD responded with this. Now dt responds with this...

Forgive the imprecision of my language. I did not mean to use farah’s piece as proof positive that conservatism is dead, or on life support, or bumping bellies at their latest confab.

I said they (conservatives) will not fight. I say this because they have not done so. Period. I believe the success of the left in the last three decades to be ample proof of my statement.

I stated a number of issues, mostly cultural, in which the left has been virtually unstoppable in imposing its beliefs and ideology upon us.

Again, forgive my imprecision. I did not refer to rank and file Americans, those who, “…don’t even realize they are “conservative”…” as you put it.

I refer specifically to conservative leadership, which is highly visible whenever an election comes around: those whom we have entrusted to ensure the future of the distinctly American nation, people and culture. Politicians and policy makers if you will.

Those are the guys who can’t and won’t fight. Those are the guys who pontificate, promise and somehow manage to keep their unbroken string of losses intact.
Those are the guys who are absolutely useless in this fight.

As for conservatism not being an ideology or political in origin but coming from, as you state, “…somewhere deeper within the soul…” well, I don’t see those two dynamics as being mutually exclusive.

One definition of ideology is- a closely organized system of beliefs, values, and ideas forming the basis of a social, economic, or political philosophy or program.
another- a set of beliefs, values, and opinions that shapes the way a person or a group such as a social class thinks, acts, and understands the world.

Also, one definition of conservatism itself is- The inclination, especially in politics, to maintain the existing or traditional order. Another is- A political philosophy or attitude emphasizing respect for traditional institutions, distrust of government activism, and opposition to sudden change in the established order.

Clearly Conservatism falls within the realm of the ideological and the political. You yourself use the term intellectual conservative, which, for me, implies at least an awareness of conservatism as a philosophy, doctrine or ideology. Yes?

If one were to go to a Ramos and Compean rally and ask Americans on our side if they were conservative or not, the overwhelming response would be yes. And the response would indeed be from deep within their souls.

However, you could ask the other side how they defined themselves and their response would also come from somewhere deep within their souls. Or whatever passes for souls in that bunch.

You say conservatives will fight, but the fight must be stirred within them, as they are not prone to flights of fancy.

Define flights of fancy please.

You claim the average conservative has not been directly affected by illegal aliens, an artifact of mass immigration, an openly gay activist teacher being imposed upon his or her own child or her own child or having to kneel at the altar of political correctness.

Well, depends on what your definition of directly affected is I guess.
Does an ever burgeoning proportion of tax dollars funneled into bi-lingual programs in our schools, courts, social service agencies, trauma centers and correctional facilities directly affect your 10%? How about those trauma centers and emergency rooms that have closed down throughout California and the southwest as a direct result of illegal aliens never paying their bill? Does that directly affect that 10%?

How about the thousands of American victims of crime at the hands of illegal aliens, or the thousands killed as a result of illegal alien drunk drivers? No direct affect for that 10%?

As for openly gay activists in the classrooms, again, forgive my imprecision. I didn’t mean the classrooms were being invaded by Captain Underpants and his merry band of pederasts, forcing their lifestyle on the young and innocent. That’s why we have the Catholic Church. I was referring to the children’s books endorsing homosexuality which have been insinuated into grammar school libraries nationwide. More often than not, without the knowledge or consent of parents. The introduction of sex to children is a job for the parents isn’t it? Wouldn’t that 10% object to the teachers unions usurping parental control? Or does that not directly affect them either?

You seem to be saying that until those intellectual conservatives you refer to suffer at the hands of criminals, drunk drivers and such, they cannot be roused from their introspection.

That being the case, that would make them no different than the majority of other Americans would it?

No disrespect, but doing nothing isn’t good enough. The juggernaut on the left proceeds apace.

To stand around and do nothing is akin to not answering a cry for help in desperate times.

We need Americans to stand up.

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