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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Jeezly Crow!

Wow! I asked you guys to vote (with some mild threats involved) and did you ever!

The Blogs For Borders is the third highest ranked post on the site right now! Wow! You guys rock!

So, instead of posting another (shudder) alleged female bodybuilder pix I'm going to post this instead as a big fat thank you...

Tough to beat a patriotic hottie! And don't give me any crap ladies, Jake is well aware that you'd rather see a fine looking woman over a man any day of the week so save the protestations for the rubes! And of course, she IS nicely accessorized! (know what I mean guv? nudge nudge -- wink wink)

And you'll be glad to know this is the horrible fate you averted by doing the right thing! (wink-wink)

(erg-wha-no god-no! make it stop!)(I actually have a photo much, much worse than this, a photo so horrible...well you get the idea, you may want to keep that in mind if you're feeling cranky in the comments section!)

What do you think? A weekly patriotic babe? Good idea?

Thanks again all, you made my night!

All the best,



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